C’est la vie, mon ami

That’s life, my friend


We all want happiness. A nice job, lots of money a loyal partner… a happy life.

A fairy tale indeed.


But then the question would be: how can we achieve this?

The answer?


We can’t.

How can we have a nice job without having a strict boss, an insecure office mate, and a stressful load of work? Can we still call it nice that way? 


How can we have lots of money without going through a very tough life? An inborn successor? Maybe. But what if you’re not? What if all of your money from being a successor run out? Can you live a life? You have to pave your own way by studying hard to have the paper that signifies that you’re educated and be accepted in a job, and then after that you have to strive hard every single day.



A loyal partner? Your ideal wife/husband? The person whose destined for you? How can you find him/her without meeting all those wrong people? People whom you believe was “the one”? And maybe let’s say you really, already met them. The question is are you still whole? Can you still give them all you have in you? And how can you give it to them when you gave a really large part of you to those wrong people you believe was the right one? What about that?
And okay let’s say the both of you were already married. But how can you be so sure if they’re really the one whom God really sent for you? How can you be sure if that person ain’t just one of those people you thought was the one?




Nobody can have a perfect life.
So just because you’re struggling now doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna be successful tomorrow
And just because you’re on top of everything now doesn’t mean you’re not gonna be smashed down and be brought back to the very beginning your hard work. You have to endure all of that because too bad we’re nott part of the Grimms brothers fairy tales. And you can’t blame anyone because… that’s life my friend.


But also, there’s more to life than sadness and insecurities. There’s more to life than the things that money can buy and or your ragged clothes. There’s more to life than giving up.
It’s only a matter of perspective.


an old french proverb says:

 “Quand on a pas ce que I’on aime, il faut aimer ce que I’on a”

                                  – “when one doesn’t have the things that one loves, one must love what  one has.”



4 thoughts on “C’est la vie, mon ami

  1. Great read! You just got to keep moving forward and I learned that recently. I thought I just had to accept things for the way they were because there’s no way a guy like me could reach his goals. Then I realized that I just have keep pushing forward no matter what gets thrown my way. Can’t wait to read more from you!

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